Fundraising for Enrichment!

By now you’ve received emails and hopefully info in your Wednesday folders about Boon Supply. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Here it is. By fundraising with Boon Supply (formerly known as Mixed Bag Designs), they will give us 40% of the sales.

Let’s break it down. If each of our students sold $100 worth of goods, we would see $40 towards our fundraiser. Think of how many students are in your class. That is almost $1000 per class we would see. Think about how many classes we have. Our minimum goal is $10,000, but our end goal is $25,000. That is for the whole year. I will post pictures with a few tips on how we can reach our goals, along with our fundraising information. Also, you can send your family and friends to our updated landing page for the fundraiser!